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Pokémon: Gold and Silver
Pocket Monsters GoldPocket Monsters Silver

New pictures! See them here first!
Place your mouse over a picture for a description of it if none is given under the picture.

Japanese Name: Ladybug Japanese Name: YadoKing
Clefairy in the PokeDexFarfetch`d in the PokeDex
Just like in the Yellow verion, you can print out your PokéDex entries!
Item section of your backpack.TM section of your backpack.
Your backpack now has sections! That means a more organized item section!
Also, the TM section displays the number of the TM and the attack learned!
A town, maybe.Here`s a dungeon from the game.
Newly designed PokeDex! Togepi!
Pikachu, Ladybug, and Main Character
Maril               Kurusu               Bukuu
Happa               Honooguma               Kirinriki
Catch all the newest names and info here!

All 8 left game screen shots and all pictures marked with NP5 were taken from  The pics with EAGB were anonymously sent to me.  The Black Border screen shots came from Nintendo of Japan.

Uh oh!  Surrounded!
  Pokémon Gold/Silver is due to be released in Japan by the end of June, if not sooner.  It is believed to be a sequel, not prequel, to the Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow versions, but there has not been any confirming word on that yet.
Now, where'd I put that fishing rod!
    Pokémon GS is unique, when compared to the previous Pokémon Gameboy games, in that it will be Gameboy Color compatible, with 52 different colors!
Route 1...perhaps?
Look for these new Pokémon!  Newest AND newly CONFIRMED info in red!
Buru: A pink and blue bulldog Pokémon.  Probably normal type.
Bubii: The evolved form of Magmar!
Buuku: A water-type pufferfish Pokémon.  It's name comes from Fugu=Blowfish.
Denryu: An electric type/dragon type Pokémon.
Donfan: An elephant-like Pokémon.
Elekid: An electric type Pokémon.
Happa: Plant type Pokémon.  Probably a begining Pokémon.
Hoho: A bird/owl-like Pokémon, that may be called Hooter.
Honoguma: Fire type Pokémon.  Probably a begining Pokémon.
Houou: A flying Pokémon, Houou is a colourful bird Pokémon.
Kireihani: A Pretty Flower, that may be called Merribel.
Kirinriki:  A Pushme-Pullyou Giraffe.  It's name is literally Giraffeffarig.
Kurusu: Water type Pokémon.  Probably a begining Pokémon.
Mariru: A blue mouse with a round tail; water type.
Painter: ?????
Rediba: A bug type Pokémon that is a ladybug.
Rugia: ?????
Sanii: A plant-type Pokémon.
Togepi: An egg Pokémon that learns attacks such as Metronome.
Urufu: ?????
Yadoking: The evolved form of Slowbro.
Yoroidori: ?????
?????: The evolved form of Onix, made of crystal.
Check out the PokéMart!
Expect to see over 250 Pokémon in Poké GS.  But not all of them will be 'all new' Pokémon.  Some will be evolved forms on 'already known' Pokémon.  Such cases are Slowbro evolveing into what will most likely be called 'Slowking' and Onix evolving into a 'crystal Onix,' as dipicted in episode 89 of the Pokémon cartoon series.
Onix, evolve!

Is Pikachu a he or a she?  Kinda' hard to tell?  Well, things'll be easier in Pokémon GS.  Each Pokémon will have its (his? her?) own gender!  And you can then breed them for a 'PokéEgg'!

It's Blue vs Maril!
Water Gun, Fire Spin, Double Slap, Bubble Beam, Leer, Tackle, Bite...can you name all of the attacks?  Expect to see over 200 attacks in Pokémon GS!
It's Butterfree vs Venusaur!
 Another new addition will be a time feature, so your Pokémon will probably be sleeping at certain times, and not available for battle.  This means that some Pokémon may only be found during the day, while others are only out for catching during the night.
Picture made by Meowth346.
And, if you hadn't notice, the Pokémon and battle screen have been redesigned.  And Pokémon have been redesigned to look more realistic.  Also, it is said that your transportation is now a skateboard, instead of a bike.
Something else new is that you can choose between being a girl or a boy.
It's a Girl Scout! (Junior Trainer f)
One feature in question is trading.  You can trade Pokémon from the Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow versions to the Gold and Silver versions.  However, there is no final word on trading Pokémon from Gold and Silver versions back to the original four games.  However, new Pokémon, such as Donfan, cannot be displayed on the original games, and any new attacks that a Pikachu may learn on the new game can't be used in the older games.
It's Charizard vs Donfan!
Here's Yadoking, Slowbro's evolved form.
It's Yadoking! (Slowking)
Here are other new Pokémon!
It's Hoho!It's Kireihana! (Pretty Flower)It's Maril! (Pikablu)
And, here are even more new Pokémon!
 Name translations and picture alterations by Meowth346.
(Name translations and picture alterations by Meowth346.)
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